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Let's Have Christmas Cheer, NOT Insurance Claims

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

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It brings warm, fuzzy feelings of togetherness, cookies, holiday specials on TV, and insurance.

Wait, insurance?

Often, the last things we think about during the holidays are our insurance policies. Fruitcake, presents, Santa, and the Nativity - these things make sense at Christmastime, but insurance?

The holidays are the perfect time to dust off the 'ole insurance policies, review them, and make sure you are adequately covered.

Quinn Insurance Homeowners Liability

A few ways to stay ahead this holiday season:

Quinn Insurance Grinch

If the Grinch were to come into your house during the holidays and steal all of your presents, the personal property portion of your homeowner's policy would cover those stolen gifts UP TO the amount of coverage that you have.

Be sure to review the amount of coverage there is on your policy and call your agent with any questions. Keep doors and windows locked at all times and pay attention to any strange activity outside.


Quinn Insurance Fire Insurance

Everyone likes chestnuts roasting on an open fire, but fires and fireplaces can be dangerous.

Every year, unattended candles, overloaded outlets, and dried out Christmas trees are the causes of hundreds of house fires.

Be diligent and avoid having to file a fire claim by using correct extension cords, not overloading your outlets, and considering switching to an artificial tree - no bugs, and it doesn't have to be watered.


Quinn Insurance Homeowners Insurance

Holiday cheer can quickly be quenched by thousands of gallons of water gushing from a broken pipe, leaving you with a huge mess, ruined presents, and wondering how much (if any) your homeowner insurance will cover.

Water coverage varies by policy, and now is the time to

look over it and call your insurance agent with any questions.


Quinn Insurance Progressive Insurance

Dashing through the snow can often include interstate travel with thousands of others who are heading to Grandma's for Christmas.

Unfortunately, this increase in traffic also increases the number of accidents. Make sure you have adequate auto insurance coverage BEFORE you venture out to see Grams. Check your policy and contact your agent with any questions. Often, an increase (or decrease) in coverage takes just minutes to process.

Quinn Insurance Christmas

The holidays are best spent with family and friends, surrounded by cheer and thankfulness. But in the event that something goes awry, give us a call - we are here to help.

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