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Insurance Help In A Sticky Situation

There are wild and crazy stories in virtually every job field, from bank teller to server - shoe sales to pizza delivery driver - and insurance is no exception. Occasionally we will share outrageous insurance stories that will make you laugh, may make you cry, and sometimes make you cringe.

In the UK, a farmer was assisting one of his treasured cows in the process of giving birth. Being the tech-savvy fellow that he was, he decided to use a convenient app on his phone to help him see. Unfortunately, amidst all the activity, the phone disappeared out of sight and straight into the cow’s bum.

Eventually, the man was reunited with his phone, which was unsurprisingly too damaged for use. Because of this, he filed a claim and thus received a new phone. While we as an agency don’t insure phones specifically, we thought this story was share worthy, as it just goes to show how insurance may jump in to save the day when you least expect it to.

Quinn Insurance Agency

*Note: To our knowledge no cows were harmed in the loss and recovery of the farmer’s cell phone.


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